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McCormick-JWC Construction & Consulting has been providing premier
construction and renovation services for over 109 years.

Jon Wayne, that is a name that most of you are very familiar with in the HOA industry. Jon was the owner of Jon Wayne Construction & Consulting (JWC) for 38 years. Jon assisted so many HOA’s with turning their vision for their communities into a reality. When Jon decided it was time to change his focus from owning and operating, JWC, he helped Steve McCormick, long term friend and construction colleague, with McCormick-JWC Construction & Consulting (MCC-JWC). As a consultant, Jon helped the MCC-JWC team navigate HOA’s as a whole, which was invaluable.

MCC-JWC and the former JWC staff would like to give our thanks to Jon as he moves onto his next chapter as a consultant for McCormick Consulting Group. We wish you luck in your next endeavor.

We are excited to announce the formation of McC-JWC Construction & Consulting, a full-service General Contracting and Consulting Company.

Since 1914, McCormick Construction has been providing premier new construction, renovation and development services for low-, mid- and high-rise commercial structures and residential communities.

Since 1982, JWC – Jon Wayne Construction and Consulting has been providing quality Homeowner Association Reconstruction and Consulting.

For the last 38 years, McCormick and JWC  have worked together on selective rewarding projects.

McC-JWC strives to be your reconstruction, renovation and maintenance professional.

Our total package of services is designed to extend the useful life, renovate or replace, your common area components.  Our expert technicians and experienced tradesmen utilize innovative and cost-effective methods, extend the life of the project while keeping expenses low for the community.

At McC-JWC, our goal is to exceed client expectations and industry standards for quality workmanship, integrity, value and fairness.

We take pride in endorsing our Affiliate Organizations.

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Experience the expert level of service and commitment McC-JWC can provide to your deserving community.

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april, 2024