About Us

Building Solutions

“Building Solutions” is not simply a term. It is a concept that reflects our unwavering pledge to provide exceptional communication, complete honesty, and total commitment. In return for our clients’ trust, we guarantee the highest levels of workmanship, professionalism, and integrity.

McC-JWC has successfully created and applied unique building solutions for diverse and varied clientele. The greatest benefits received by our clients include:

  • Flexible Work Programs: Taking into account the various constraints and challenges that each community faces, we can devise a repair, renovation or maintenance work program to meet our clients’ needs and budgets.
  • Unsurpassed Project Management: We provide unrivaled project planning, oversee services, cost control, scheduling, budgeting and administrative services.
  • Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail: Our commitment to excellence mitigates the potential for future reconstruction due to construction error or defect.
  • Restoration of Property Value: Our quality control maximizes the long-term benefit of every budget dollar and provides the highest possible restoration of property values.
  • Minimal Displacement: Our preliminary planning and scheduling ensures that clients endure the smallest possible “down time” disruption of daily operations during reconstruction.

Building Relationships

The success of any business organization derives from the strength of its client relationships. McC-JWC builds permanent business alliances by carefully guiding our clients through every project phase and procedure, earning their confidence and loyalty in the process.

We are not satisfied with simply providing you with a one-time building solution! Our goal is to provide you with more than just a one-time service. Our goal is to be your reconstruction, renovation and or maintenance source for life!

Clients can readily attest to these McC-JWC truths:

  • We always walk in the clients’ shoes, keeping their point of view and their needs foremost in our minds.
  • We always communicate effectively, keeping the client completely informed of every aspect of their project.
  • We always provide excellent customer service, completely relieving the Homeowner Association’s Board of Directors and Community Managers of the burden of coordinating the work.
  • We always focus on the long-term, to the future usability and value of the client’s project, and on continually earning their trust.
  • We always serve with integrity, while treating all issues with the care, objectivity and honesty that have guided our work ethic since our inception.


What sets McC-JWC apart from other General Contractors is that we also carry Professional Liability insurance like an Architect or Engineer. This means all of our front-end consulting, planning, specifications and recommendations that we provide to our Homeowners Associations and commercial clients are insured. Whereas, all General Contractors have General Liability, McC-JWC has both General and Professional Liability insurance.

McC-JWC pledges to serve our clients and their communities with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our dedication to exceeding expectations and industry standards, is to provide optimum solutions for our clients and build lasting relationships.

Through diligence, knowledge, integrity, and dedication, McC-JWC provides unsurpassed quality with outstanding value.

McC-JWC looks forward to working with you, and together we will build a lasting relationship.

McC-JWC is fully licensed and insured.
California Contractor’s License #1074177.