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Senate Bill 326 (SB-326) Inspections

Sometimes a disaster pushes an industry to a point that mandates are set by the governing legislators to ensure the safety of the public. This is the genesis of SB-326.

In 2015, a terrible accident occurred where a private elevated balcony failed due to poor original construction details coupled with a lack of maintenance. Six (6) people lost their lives. This unfortunate incident could have been avoided.

SB-326 requires the inspection of Exterior Elevated Elements, termed now as EEE. Typical EEEs are any wood framed walking surface that is 6’ above grade. Typical EEEs are balconies, common area walkways and stair assemblies that extend pass the vertical walls of the building.

Many of these elements have been neglected by many Associations for many years. Neglecting these fundamental building components puts the residents at risk. These items have always required periodic inspection, repair and maintenance. These inspections and repairs can be easily addressed through a proactive process that McC-JWC can provide.

The maintenance and repair of Common Areas for Common Interest Developments has been a never-ending challenge for the Community Manager and their Board of Directors. SB-326 now adds to that challenge. Therefore, we have provided a solution:

  • Coordination
  • Execution of the Inspection
  • Review Options for Repair
  • Execute the Work
  • Provide Proactive Maintenance

Mandates become less problematic when there is a solution available. Please contact us for the details of our SB-326 Inspection process.

For a complimentary site visit please contact McC-JWC at 800.773.7147 or email info@mcc-jwc.com.

Apartment Renovation & Reconstruction

We offer both interior and exterior renovation services for Apartment Owners, Property Management Companies and Developers.

We provide experienced crews to handle any size project. Our expertise and experience include multi-project scheduling and complete oversight services.

Our experience and customer service are very valuable when it comes to working with onsite residents. We make the renovation of your apartment complex a smooth process and understand the importance of not disturbing the residents as we adhere to strict guidelines and protocol.

Our many years of experience serving the apartment industry gives us the knowledge and understanding to know that finishing projects efficiently and promptly and within budget is imperative.

Commercial Renovation & Reconstruction

We offer both interior and exterior Commercial Reconstruction Services for properties throughout California.

Our vast experience qualifies us to undertake any size commercial project.

Our industry experience is especially valuable when working with onsite tenants and dealing with the complexities of budgetary outlines and timeframes.

Our services include Capital Expense Improvements, Total Renovation,  Seismic Upgrades and ADA Upgrade/Compliance Issues.


With well over 100 years of combined experience between the principals and senior McC-JWC staff, we are skilled in providing comprehensive and unique Consulting services regarding a variety of issues which may arise within multi-family and Homeowner Association Communities.

Be it a minor inspection or a total Community assessment, McC-JWC can provide all aspects of investigation, review, quantification, pricing and/or opinion of any condition requested.

We invite you to utilize our experience and benefit from our knowledge regarding:

  • Deferred Maintenance Repair Strategies
  • Water Intrusion & Mold Remediation
  • Construction Defects
  • Reconstruction Funding Approaches and Strategies
  • Homeowner Educational Seminars
  • And Much More!

Educational Seminars

McC-JWC is a leading educator in the various topics surrounding multi-family and Homeowner Association Communities. We have provided hundreds of Educational Seminars to Community Property Management Companies and industry trade groups such as the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) regarding such various topics as:

  • SB-326 Inspections
  • Aging Communities and the Effects of Deferred Maintenance
  • Post Litigation Reconstruction—The Next Step After Settlement
  • Exterior Siding Replacement
  • Proactive Maintenance Planning
  • Water Intrusion & Microbial Growth (Mold) Remediation—How to Mitigate Costs

Our Director of Business Development, Jon G. Wayne, has provided home improvement demonstrations and commentaries on these broadcasts:

  • KABC Channel 7 Los Angeles
  • KGTV Channel 10 San Diego
  • KUSI Channel 9 San Diego

We are capable of providing any of the above presentations and/or creating custom programs tailored to your Community and/or subject topic. Our presentations are lively and entertaining while educational and to the point. We will provide all audio and visual equipment for in-person and/or Zoom presentations.

Legal Community Assistance

Attorneys seek advice and testimony from reconstruction experts to expedite the needs of their clients and the case at hand. Time is short, discretion is critical, and documentation is paramount.

McC-JWC is highly aware of the sensitivity and care that is required when providing expert witness services and/or intrusive testing services.

We are experts in assessing water damage causation and its effects, as well as architectural and structural defects that may appear.

We provide a comprehensive selection of services that includes but is not limited to:

  • Initial Site Inspections
  • Intrusive Testing Services
  • Selective Cost Estimating and Expert Testimony
  • Emergency Structural and Water Damage Assessment, Repairs and Remediation
  • Neutral Witness Repair Programs
  • Construction Management of Developer Repairs
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Post Litigation Reconstruction

We are on time, on budget and take complete control of any Homeowner coordination that may be necessary.

Maintenance Division

Low Cost plus High Quality

At McC-JWC, our maintenance experts have developed an established approach that reduces costs while providing excellent industry standards and customer service. Unlike other companies that only provide maintenance, we have taken all aspects of our reconstruction and renovation experience and have created a comprehensive maintenance process that reduces maintenance costs and protects the value of the property. Furthermore, the McC-JWC maintenance approach reduces Homeowner Association (HOA) liability and Life/Safety issues that may arise from poorly maintained properties.

  • Monthly Maintenance: Our goal is to devise a maintenance plan that addresses your needs with a solution in mind. By following this concept, we have saved HOAs hundreds of thousands of potential dollars over the lifetime of the Community while using cost effective materials and labor practices.
  • Fixed Fee Contracts: McC-JWC is ready to provide Fixed Fee work for those special maintenance projects that arise. While a bid from a handyman working out of his truck might be tempting, please consider that McC-JWC is a fully licensed and insured service maintenance company with expert tradesmen that understand all aspects of the required work. We warrant our work and provide completed operations coverage through our insurance. Please consider these benefits when reviewing our proposals.
  • Our Maintenance Technicians are our Best Tradesmen: Fully trained in McC-JWC’s mission and experienced in the trade, our tradesmen are proficient in assessing and implementing the needs of the project in a timely and efficient manner. When reviewing proposals from other maintenance vendors, your questions should be (1) “Can they do it as quickly and efficiently as McC-JWC?” and (2) “Are they properly licensed and insured?” Try us, you will see the difference.
  • Billing: Our goal is to keep our invoices simple and informative. Our hourly Time & Materials (T&M) clients will receive a fully itemized and detailed billing invoice for the work completed. We don’t have any hidden fees or costs. McC-JWC is here and ready to deliver our Maintenance service to you. We are fully licensed and insured to handle all aspects of your project…whatever the size!

Mid-Rise & High-Rise

Mid-Rise and High-Rise Communities have unique conditions to consider when providing renovation and reconstruction to common areas and residential living areas. We work closely with the General Manager, Building Engineers and the Board of Directors to stage the work carefully and to ensure the residents the least amount of impact as repairs and renovations are performed.

Combining skilled personnel and the latest technology, we can provide the best renovation and repair solutions to any renovation or reconstruction project you may have.

We offer many different services including lobby and corridor renovations, podium deck and pool area renovations, exterior building envelope repairs, balcony repair and waterproof deck recoating, interior re-piping, Cooling Tower replacement, exterior waterproofing systems, technical consulting, structural Seismic Remediation, testing, coordination and facilitation.

Post Litigation Reconstruction

Upon the completion of any construction defect litigation case, it is important to hire a fully qualified company that understands the important nuances of this type of work. McC-JWC is that company!

McC-JWC takes great pride in our ability and experience in the “correct” prioritization of the potential Scope of Work that is created from construction defect litigation. Once prioritized, McC-JWC provides a reconstruction option menu and assists the Board of Directors in the selection of a work program that fits within their budget. The important part is that the Board is in control and McC-JWC is here to facilitate its needs.

McC-JWC also provides full-time Homeowner coordination and education, quality control, schedule compliance, and project completion documentation.

At the conclusion of the project, McC-JWC looks to continue our relationship and offers to maintain the completed work through our Maintenance Division. This extended Maintenance service option provides continuity in warranties and work installed to date and provides cost effective service to the remainder of the common area components.

Property Repair Enhancement Program (PREProgram®) Consulting & Management

Many Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Multi-Family Community Common Area Components have reached the end of their useful life. This may include roofing, stucco, siding, balconies and walkways, waterproofing, domestic water and waste piping. When the Board of Directors is ready to address the deferred maintenance needs of their Community or address the common area components that have reached the end of their useful life, the informed Board turns to McC-JWC to utilize our proven process that can manage all aspects of this vital work requirement.

HOAs benefit from McC-JWC’s trademarked PREProgram® in three (3) important ways:

  1. The McC-JWC PREProgram® addresses aging Communities with deferred maintenance and global common area reconstruction requirements and provides HOAs with expert leadership through identifying, prioritizing, and quantifying (physically and monetarily) all common area required work issues. McC-JWC’s principals and staff of senior managers has created and managed hundreds of millions of dollars of renovation and deferred maintenance work for hundreds of HOA clients.
  2. Our proven success has transformed hundreds of Communities that suffered from poor curb appeal, sun and water damage, and ever-dwindling reserves to fully functioning, visually enhanced and financially secure Communities by utilizing our PREProgram®.
  3. McC-JWC is the industry leader and has set the standard for addressing aging communities throughout California. We have completed hundreds of Educational Seminars to community management firms and the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and California Association of Community Managers (CACM).

At the conclusion of the project, McC- JWC looks to continue our relationship and offers to maintain the completed work through our Maintenance Division. This extended Maintenance service option provides continuity in warranties and work installed to date and provides cost effective service to the remainder of the common area components.

Seismic Retrofit

If you live, work and play in California, you also experience earthquakes.

“World leading experts and scientists in seismicity have predicted major seismic activity in the Southern California region in the near future with catastrophic potential”. ~Quote from Santa Monica Seismic Retrofit Ordinance~

To reduce potential building failure due to seismic activity, many California City Building Departments are now mandating Seismic Retrofitting for certain projects by age and design.

A Seismic Retrofit gives existing structures more resistance to earthquake activity. In buildings, this process typically includes strengthening the foundation-to-wall connections, roof-to-wall connections and may include the addition of shear walls, moment frames, grade beams, and cantilevered beams.

By addressing the buildings’ structural deficits, you help to ensure the safety of its residents by preventing large scale failure of the building and mitigating potential economic and personal losses in the event of an earthquake. Additionally, the marketability and insurability of a building will be enhanced after a Seismic Retrofit.

McC-JWC provides exceptional Planning, Design and Construction Services in the renovation of Homeowners Associations, apartment communities and commercial projects, including Seismic Retrofitting of existing buildings.

McC-JWC’s complete step-by-step process systematically organizes and implements the work. Throughout the project, McC-JWC shall provide the Board of Directors, homeowners and tenants, and the building owners with the required communication, education, quality control, schedule compliance, and project completion documentation.

McC-JWC understands that having to perform Seismic Retrofitting work typically is not in the Reserve funding of your community or commercial building. We will do all things possible to minimize the project cost impact and can provide lending strategies and sources.

Water Intrusion & Mold Remediation

Water Intrusion and Mold Remediation is a time-consuming issue that needs to be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our clients are already busy with the day-to-day requirements of running the Community or building. Yet, when water intrusion does occur, all parties need to act quickly to reduce costs and the inconvenience to those who are affected.

We work with certified experts in Water Damage Restoration, Health and Safety and Applied Microbial Remediation. The most important aspect of our services is providing total coordination of the entire repair and remediation process. Here’s how we do it:

McC-JWC provides a management process that will alleviate the problems associated with water intrusion and microbial growth. Microbial growth needs to be addressed aggressively to reduce potential litigation and any claims it can cause. Addressing the resultant damage is only part of the process. Pinpointing the water intrusion source to solve the problem is a mandatory task.

At your first notice of a water intrusion or microbial claim, contact McC-JWC on our 24-hour response number at 800.773.7147. McC-JWC will provide its expert guidance and all of these services under our license and insurance, in one easy-to-understand contract, eliminating our client’s requirement to “navigate and coordinate” multiple proposals and/or contracts, and to decipher potential conflicting information.

Building Solutions, Building Relationships.