Giving Back

Keys to a new Life

With McCormick-JWC Construction and Consulting located in southern California, we have the benefit of being so close the Mexican border. With that said we found a way using our industry  knowledge and the need to give back to those communities…creating a great partnership with Project Mercy Baja, a non-profit organization. The mission of Project Mercy is to construct solid and secure houses and improve the quality of life for impoverished families in Mexico. Their moto, “Building Homes. Building Hope.”

McC-JWC has been participating in the Baja Challenge, organized by Project Mercy, which builds 20+ homes in one day for deserving families, just south of the border in east Tijuana. This event happens once a year in October through a lottery system, for families who otherwise wouldn’t have the means of real home. McC-JWC sponsors one family and provides the cost of the lumber needed to construct this one-day home build. Through volunteers, McC-JWC builds a team of family and friends, some who are industry experts, who love to spend their day making a difference for others.

The glory of the day, is providing new families with the “keys” to their new home.

Quotes from former recipients:

“We dream for a home for our children to live in. A home in which we won’t get wet when it rains and with enough space so that we don’t have to sleep on the floor. A place that is safer and secure”
~ Eva


“We dream for a house where my daughter and I can live a better life. Thanks to you, my daughter will finally have a better and dignified life, one which I cannot give her, due to my economic situation.”

Life Changing Partnerships

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Two ways to get involved with Project Mercy; participate in house builds that happen all year round through service groups or make a monetary donation to fund these homes or put food on the table.

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Giving Keys

Team Building

Baja Challenge – México, 2021

Baja Challenge – México, 2015

Baja Challenge – México, 2014

Baja Challenge – México, 2013